Will yesterday ever end?...

09/07/2013 00:26

Dear me. By about 9am yesterday morning I was ready for bed. He'd complained about toothache, so I got him an emergency appointment for 12pm. The telephone line kept going dead with no dial tone and the internet was sporadic. I had the talktalk box to set up with a new router which meant sorting out all the appliances that needed the password code thingy on it - I still have his Kobo and laptop to do, but after the rest of the day I've left it for tomorrow (that would be today then...).

The aerial man came out and told me he didn't know how I had a picture in the living room because I had no aerial attached to anywhere for me to get a picture. He then sorted me a new aerial out and connected it to the tv, and then sorted out the other aerial for the kitchen and the bedroom. This was by about 9.30am. He then worked out that whatever he'd done to the living room was having an effect on the kitchen and the bedroom and had to joogle about with cables and split cables and God knows what else, but an hour later and £100 down, all was sorted.

Hubby then got himself ready for his dentist appointment and decided he was going on his own. Big mistake - huge. He came back an hour and a half later with a face like fizz - which is nothing new at the moment, but this face like fizz had an element of evil attached to it. Asking what was wrong, he told me the dentist had pulled the tooth out only for it to only come half out and that the root was still attached. I rang the dentist's not happy with his explanation and they repeated what was said to me. "But don't worry, he's got two prescriptions for anti-biotics, you'll be able to collect them in half an hour". "What? Can you tell me when you're fixing this?"... and this is when it gets good... "August the 6th"... "ehmmmmm.... you're telling me that a dentist has caused this issue, and that there is no-one available to correct this issue until August?". Apparently so. The dentist has made such a mess that the only one that can correct it is the oral surgeon, and he's on holiday this week. His first available appointment is (can you guess?...) the 6th of August. "... and what about pain relief?". Well. They can't deal with that there, he'd have to go to his GP. By now I'm getting slightly aggitated, but remaining calm because I want this sorted out. No can do. So I ring the GP who gives him some painkillers - exactly what I have in the cupboard and exactly the ones that aren't working.

At 7.30pm he couldn't take anymore. He was pacing the house, tears in his eyes begging for someone to take it out. He's a big man. I've seen him when he's dropped a two tonne trailer on his foot (seriously), I've seen him when he's cut his hand open and he's stuck it through our kitchen window so I can run it under the tap - the man is Superman when it comes to pain, but the poor bugger was poorless. I rang NHS24 and to cut a long story short, they don't have any dentist's available tonight, but I'm to ring the dentist's in the morning and tell them that they said he has to be seen within 24hours, and if they don't I then have a number to ring to get them to deal with it. I am not going to be happy wife tomorrow. I have already told them that his mood swings are what is affected by the dementia and that I should pack a suitcase for six weeks. Do you know what the snotty woman's answer was? "It's only 4 weeks Mrs. Constantly Trying". I'll give her four weeks. They have a duty of care to see him within 24 hours and I'm not lying down over this one.

I can understand errors happening, I'm not naive and I do understand that these things can happen, but what I don't understand is how they can send him out of the surgery with a prescription for two anti-biotics, knowing that they've caused a mess and not having anyone available that can repair the mess that they have caused. The receptionist said that they have no other dentist's that can fix the issue this dentist caused and that he has to see the oral surgeon - but surely there is an oral surgeon somewhere within our area that I can take him to. You would think...

Someone somewhere is going to get steely Constantly Trying in the morning - all dentist receptionists I advice you to answer your phone with baited breath because I have enough on my plate with what goes on in this house without it being exagerated by someone who cannot repair the error he has made, and whilst I know it's not any receptionist's fault and I will play nice, I will play fair, but I will not be fluffed off by the sixth of effing August. You have been warned.

Whilst all of this was taking place I had to finish installing the talktalk box thingy for the telly, take Biggey to Cadets to help with the parking of cars at a function, ring the dr's for stronger pain killers, make tea, sooth hubby (lots), all the housework I didn't get done during the day because of dentist, and now it's 12.46am and I'm still on the go trying to catch up with things I haven't done and trying to get done before I get up.

One of these days I'll be getting up before I go to bed... ;o)


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