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Lee at Dementia Challengers asked me to write a piece about what it's like to have Dementia at a young age (from my perspective). I sat and thought about it for a couple of weeks before writing anything down. It's now on Lee's site, and you can read it here.

I am thrilled to be on such a wonderful website. You'll find Lee on my useful links page, and with good reason. I'm chuffed that anyone would want to read my ramblings. It's one thing me rambling away on here, but it's another to be asked to write for another site, and a highly regarded one at that.

There are a lot of people out there who work tirelessly for the likes of me and mine. They challenge perceptions, they ask "cue"uestions, they don't take any flannel and they all want medals the size of frying pans. We are in this illness because we have it, and whilst I'm getting more and more into the whys, hows and wherefores, it's because I'm sitting in the puddle of Dementia. All  of these wonderful people are choosing to, throwing their wellies on and jumping and splashing in the puddle and to those people I take my hat off to you.

#DementiaChallengers have a new song. I don't think another song could be "cue"uite as anthemic, and whilst I didn't think that was a word... it is :o)  

An occurrence, action, event, or happening that surpasses "epic" proportions. In order for something to truly be anthemic it must be worthy of songs of praise and glory written in its honor.

So whilst Dementia Awareness Week might be over, it's only just beginning because "Nothing's going to stop us now" and we're on a roll :o) 


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