Yesterday's hospital appt.

30/04/2013 11:32

As you know yesterday was a big appt. It lasted four hours. We've spent two years simply knowing that he had dementia with them thinking he's had it two years prior to that, nobody has had the balls to try and say which type they think it is.

On my little half hour of speaking to the doctor she told me based upon the memory test results, the scan results, other dr's opinions, and her opinion from having see him yesterday that she thinks that he has Frontal Lobe Dementia. Wow - Bang. There we are. I've never looked at any type of Dementia, I didn't have a name for it, I didn't want to be looking for things that weren't coming, or seeing things that might not be there because I've read up on it. I still haven't.

I was asked about panic boxes. I said we already had one. She asked why. It's wired upto the smoke alarms because there was a spell that he would leave the cooker on - he's stopped using the cooker so that doesn't happen now, although he was never a regular user of it in the first place "why have a dog and bark yourself" lol. She was glad we had one. I asked why, silly me... "there is the likelyhood that he will become violent and it's good to know that you have a button where someone will be there to help you instantly". Great. That's good to know...

She told me that Frontal Lobe Dementia is a slow burning illness. "Don't worry, it won't last decades, it has a 2 - 8 year lifespan but it's usually around 7 years". Great. That's good to know... I'm going to get battered but don't stress, he'll pop his clogs before long...

He tried to persuade her to sign him fit for work. "if in a year's time you're still at this stage I will reconsider my diagnosis - but you won't be". Wow - nothing like sugar coating the pill.

At home last night we were talking about the day's events, and we did have a giggle about it. He asked what "innapropriate behaviour" and "sexual inhibitions" meant. I explained this to him. He burst out laughing, a proper good laugh with a sparkle in his eyes. I asked him what he was laughing about and he said "imagine your mother's face if she came in the living room and I'm sat with my willy out" lol. Good to know he still has his sense of humour. I asked him "who's got the better end of the deal here, me or you?" "What do you mean?" he asked. "At least when you're doing these things you'll be oblivious to it, I'm the one that's going to have to apologise lol". Another proper laugh.The thought of me having to say sorry for whatever had him in stitches. Ups and downs, it's like a rollercoaster you just can't get off. 




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