You can't make it up...

27/06/2014 12:32

Well hubby's weekly appointment to see the Dr was cancelled yesterday. One of her patient's needed urgent attention - which is fine and dandy. I commented to my friend that it was probably one of her clients that was running amock at the hospital and it turned out it was, but he'll get to see his CPN sometime next week.

Hmph. Sometime next week. This narked me slightly, because he was to be seen weekly to ensure he was ok (ok?...) off the meds. Then I had a sit and a think about it, and him seeing his CPN isn't a bad thing. He hates her. Why? I hear you chorus. Well it's because he can't "fill her with bullsh**e" like he does everyone else. She sees beyond that, and he knows it. It's simply the fact that he sticks to their rules, and then the rug is pulled from beneath him and it isn't his fault, although he's delirious that the meeting was cancelled because "I've got away with it for another week". What he hasn't twigged is that the CPN hasn't seen him since before he came off the meds and that she is going to see him in week three, almost four of no meds and the difference will be more obvious to her. Good - says me.

This morning he got up and looked awful, really awful. He kind of looks a little lost, and the work for the shed (dum dum d'aaahhhhh) is starting to be made more complicated than it needs to be. We're only discussing foundations at this moment but by gum, he's making it harder than it needs to be. Fortunately our neighbour dragged him off to his garage so a distraction was there and hopefully we can re-address this issue when it comes up again.

On a happy note, Littley passed her green belt in kick-boxing with a C+ last night and I'm so, so proud of her. It's the highest grade she's received and the instructor says that she's showing promise. Bless her. Apparently all the new boys come in and think she's an easy target because she'd blow over in a gust of wind and she's a girl. They only make that mistake once lol.

I'm still happy, happy, happy with my Gtec sweeper thingy. It's the best £50 I've spent, and the girls and hubby have all been told it's a girls and hubby free zone and the only person allowed to use it, touch it or even look at it is me. Oh, and when I went to my friend's house for coffee the other day apparently all she could smell on me was Pledge. A cheap alternative to perfume, but not sure I want to smell of Springtime Meadows...

I'm in an upbeat mood today, and even ventured into Middley's bedroom. I made it out alive - wahoo! What the girls haven't realised is that whilst they're away at Grandpa's next week (school holidays begin tonight) that I will be venturing into their rooms with CSI whitesuit, plastic gloves, breathing apparatus and bin bags. Guess what? I'm really looking forward to it - what's wrong with me?...


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