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This page is going to be links that I have found useful. I've struggled to find things that are specific to us. There are lots of websites regarding Dementia that pop up at the top of a google list, but these are going to be the ones I've come across trawling the net that have been useful to me and mine. (This is going to be a work in progress as I find them, I will list them.)

Dementia Challengers

Once I plucked up the courage to "google" Dementia, this was the first website I came across, and to be honest it's a "one stop hits all" kind of website. Clear information, blogs, directions of where to go to find more information. It's well worth a look whether you're dipping your toe in the water or hitting the tide with a concrete life jacket stuck to your back. The link to the blogs page is My blog's there too - yay :o)


Dementia Journeys

By following @DementiaJourneys on twitter I discovered there was a website. Inspired by Dementia Journeys mum Anne Belchamber, "Smiles, Love and Laughter" is the theme behind the website. Whilst it's informative, it's also proof that there are smiles, love and laughter within Dementia, and that's lovely to see when you're having a bit of a hard day. You'll find a forum for you to join, a resource section to keep updated on all the latest Dementia news and also a shop selling all things Dementia related. It's also a really nice, bright, colourful site, and to me that's just as important as the content. Lots of sites regarding Dementia are drab and you can feel depressed by just looking at the colourless screen - but this certainly won't happen with you here. You find yourself smiling at the screen, and that in itself makes it worth a look :o)



This is a fantastic website that's full of information, has a forum to have a natter with others in a similar situation, and has everything and anything you need. Just knowing that there are people there that are in the same or similar boat as yourself is reassuring and sometimes suggestions and advice from others are thoughts that you haven't had yet, but are things that just might work for you, and we all need that from time to time.

For all it's based in Cheshire, it certainly doesn't limit itself to that area. All are welcome, and you feel that :o)


Living with Dementia

I "met" the fabulous Kirsty through Twitter. Kirsty writes a blog about being a twenty-something carer for her nan. She's one of the ones who keeps my chin up, and her blog is well worth a read for it's honesty about how she manages caring for her nan. Between the two of us we're going for world domination lol, and between the both of us we're not far from it. She's a top notch lassie and although we haven't met, she's a friend.


Norman McNamara

What can I say about Norman? Wow. Where do I start? Norman was diagnosed with Dementia six years ago. You just need to type his name into google and you'll see just what an inspirational man he is. He writes, he challenges, he promotes, he leads, and he educates us all about what it is to have Dementia. He's responsible for the Purple Angel ("it's an angel because that's what I call my wife and purple because it's a healing colour") and he is also the man behind Dementia Awareness day, held every September 17th. I for one feel all the better for "knowing" him, and I think if you go and read his articles, poems or blog then you will too. Thank you Norrms. x


FTD Support Forum

Wow. For ages I've struggled to find anywhere to go and have a natter with other people in the same boat as us, with similar ages, and whilst I wish I didn't have the need for this forum, I'm so glad it's there. Finding it is was worth the trawling of the internet, and you'll find people from anywhere and everywhere. This forum is specifically for Frontal Lobe Dementia (Pick's Disease) and you don't feel like you're the elephant in the room :o)

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