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Just a little blurb about "me and mine". I'm 37, and I've been with my husband since I was 17. I'm now his carer due to him having Dementia (he was diagnosed at 35 with having shown signs of it for a couple of years prior). It turns out that he has Frontal Lobe Dementia (FTD) otherwise known as Pick's Disease.


It's a manic whirl of trying to keep up with everything that goes on this "normal" household of me, him, three girlies, a dog and that shadowy swine called dementia that sits in the background and waits to go "BOO".


My blog is not from a professional or medical opinion, it's simply going to be my ramblings. Dementia is a very isolating illness and whilst there are a lot of people asking "are you ok? are you managing?" it's very difficult to say "no and no". You can feel alone and by yourself and I'm writing this blog to help me with isolation - a bit like talking to a friend who can't judge. It's going to be a way of getting things off my chest and trying to clear my thoughts. Whilst Dementia is a serious, upsetting and horrific illness (you will find I don't call it a disease - to me a disease is something you can catch from one person or another, and dementia isn't like sneezing and getting a cold from some old aunt that you didn't want to visit whilst they're not well), you will find that I get strength from humour and I see humour in where maybe I shouldn't, which probably means that I might not be politically correct, I might cause offence (not my intention), but it also means that you get to see the smiles and laughs that we as a family have, and cling to - because it's easy to get depressed and hit "the wall" and forget about the good days when you're wallowing in the fog of a bad day.



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