Constantly Hungry

01/05/2013 22:24

We've been warned to avoid sweet foods because they don't think we can cope with Dementia and Diabetes (where did they get that thought from?...) but seriously, I can't fill him at the moment. He won't do "faddy foods" (such as rice or pasta), and it has to be meat, potatoes and two veg, but seriously, the portion sizes are getting rediculous. If I do smaller portions he'll have seconds and then some, if I do bigger portions he still askes for more. The other night I got up from the table to get the salt and pepper (I forgot...), turned around from the cupboard and my tea was missing. He was eating it. "I thought you didn't want it"... Tonight I braced the faddy Macaroni Cheese. He wolfed it down, and seconds, smothered with Peri Peri Hot sauce because he's complaining of foods having no taste, has pudding and then is still mooching about because he's hungry. The problem is, he gets grumpy and argumentative if hungry, but then his weight is creeping on which would incur other issues tht we could well do without.

I've also noticed him tapping away again - oh dear God, I was so relieved when phase passed, or seemed to. The jiggling of the knee can drive me around the twist, but it was also his shoulder today. I don't know if it's the wind down from his hospital appt on Monday or if it's creeping back, but I was happy when these spasms went. Back to being catapulted out of the bed at 3am... Which to be honest, is no mean feat as I'm not the slightest of wives.

He's also gone from sending texts by himself to getting me to spell out words and check them before he sends them. It just seems a lot of little things all in a short space of time. Oh the rollercoaster that is Dementia - it never ends does it?


Topic: Constantly Hungry

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