05/07/2013 00:53

Just finished watching "Bandslam" and it might be aimed at tweenies, but OMG I loved it - the sad thing is that the said tweenies might not realise that the decent music that they're listening to is the music of the 70's and 80's and unless it's been covered by whatever the popular people of today is, they won't realise it's already been done by the professionals.

During this film I have laughed and cried and sang along like a banshee and thourighly enjoyed myself. I might even go deeper into the dvd's to see what I've already bought that I didn't realise that I had and see what else I've picked - I've forgotten that I love music, all kinds (except Jazz - but that accolade goes to a Jazz band that worked 1.5 meters away from my desk when I worked in a hotel and they were awful - seriously awful, and I mean awful) and I really need to get in touch with me for a bit so that I don't forget who I am completely. Even if I do sing along to the new and hip whoever's who are singing - they rely on the originals and the originals who inspired the newbies, but not the ones who simply copy.

If I'm honest, Middley is the one who appreciates the original (David Bowie etc) and Littley is the one who sings along to the originals, purely because that's what our cd collection comes from but Biggey has decided that she likes 1Direction (I ask you?) - and I am going to blame hubby for that, purely and for no other reason that I can. If we put our music collection on in the car (or the house for that matter) all three of them sing along, but what is interesting is that hubby chooses to sing along to what we listened to when we started going out together, and I like that. The songs that mattered back then (in the day) are the ones he remembers - like our first slow dance together (I can't help falling in love with you - the copy by UB40) and that means something to me. So they can copy and sing along to perfection, but they will never be as good as the originals :o) xx


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