Funny old day.

20/08/2013 14:03

We finally got to the shops last night to get the photos for Biggey and Middley's bus passes and we had a lovely girly run in the car, with a poke of chips for them on the way home - still no cooker lol. They came home, got their bags ready with their new pens and pencils and Middley got her purse out, now she needs one, for her buss pass and her Scot card (the way lunches are paid for in Scotland so that they don't have to bring money in every day, they take money in and it goes onto the card and they just use the card instead of cash. It's supposed to stop bullying or stealing, but I don't understand this because they have to take the cash to school in the first place to put it onto the card, which to me implies that anyone stealing it would just get a lump sum instead of dribs and drabs. It is good for us though seeing as how they get their lunches paid for and it is a way of not letting on about it and keeping them all the same). They had their cup of tea, showers and went to bed when they were told - I know. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Our neighbour was in having a coffee so I walked the dog, and came home to heat up hubby's tea (an Indian meal for two), and he ate it, like he hadn't seen food for a fortnight. There was an issue of it not being hot enough, and the reason for that? "You don't clean the microwave, it's filthy, all the germs in there, it's full of muck, you do nothing, you don't keep a tidy house... blah, blah, blah". It wasn't worth rising to the bait, I just put it back into the microwave and he had to wait for it to cool down before he could eat it. Now the sardonic side of me enjoyed that - but I realise that's cruel.

I went to bed early to watch a bit of tv before hubby came up. I only do this if I'm not going to go to sleep because I like to be able to hear what he's upto downstairs. Not that I'm spying on him, I don't mean that, but if I hear him let the dog out, it means I can hear him let the dog in (because he's forgotten to let him in in the past) and if it takes a long time for him to come upstairs after letting the dog out I can pop downstairs because he comes up straight after that.

We had a turbulent night last night, and for the matter the past few nights, but I wasn't sure why. He's been tossing and turning during the night, to the point where it's probably not much point me trying to get any sleep. I had thought that he was asleep whilst tossing and turning but this morning, after another night of watching the clock he mentioned that his legs are cramping during the night. This makes perfect sense. I asked him where they're hurting and he pointed to his thighs, his calfs, and the top of his feet and said that they really hurt him. I don't know if this is part of Dementia or something else with him going wrong.

Last night he had a moment of crabbitness (over a drill believe it or not) which I haven't seen for a while and it came from nowhere and went back to nowhere in the space of about five minutes, but it's been away for a while so it was a suprise, although it's not a suprise because he's stressing about the cooker, which he can't shout and rant about because it's down to him we've got the new (new for us anyway) cooker. Why the heating men cut the pipe when they changed the heating system and didn't reconnect it when it was done is beyond me, but the hastle that we've had since the heating system was changed it doesn't suprise me in the slightest. I know it's winding him up though, and that's usually when you get the crabitness.

He's still up in the morning, he's not laying there "wide awake" until lunchtime (aka fast asleep), and he's eating breakfast now - which he hasn't done in I don't know how long, but he is tired and he is sore and I'm not sure what to do about the cramps. I might ring his nurse when he's not about, because that's how our communication works, but then it might not be related. This illness is a bugger.

On a happier note, the girls were up and dressed and breakfasted and trotted off to school, Middley's first day at High school, without any complications this morning. There was no murder, there was no shouting and it ran smoothly. I enjoyed the silence at 6.30am with a coffee before getting them up, and going to bed earlier makes getting up not such a hardship - infact, I was awake before the alarm went off (funny that...) and I enjoyed the structure of day, the routine coming back into play.

He rang me earlier in a bit of a tizz. He told me he'd "had words" with his friend. Okay... this is unusual. It's me that's the target for "his words" normally. He's still at his friend's house so it can't have been too much of a fall out - but the fact that he has is not normal - there's that word again... He told me that he didn't think he'd be home in time to get Biggey to Cadets so could I organise a lift for her. So in one hand I have him slipping in one respect, in the other I have him compusmentus. Honestly, this Dementia is a headcase whether or not you're the sufferer.

Ooooh. I forgot to mention the other day. Hubby asked me to go to the bank to take some money out. I took it out and got a receipt (to prove I haven't taken any more than he asked for) and the money left in didn't make sense. It seemed, to my knowledge, to be about £300 down. I showed him the reciept and said nothing - I didn't want to aggitate him, or confuse him. He asked me if his Disability money had gone in and I said that yes it would have. "So why is the money so little?" said he (You see - on the ball). "I don't know hubby, but I thought the same". He sat and thought and thought and I asked him if he'd taken any money out just to have in his wallet. "No" was the response (You see - not on the ball). I asked him if he'd thought he'd taken any out after our holiday, because I know what he'd taken out and what was in and it could only have been taken out when we'd gotten home. "Nope", so I left it - I didn't want to cause any stress by probing him further about it. When I had the car last night there was a bit of paper sticking out of the ashtray. I had a look and it was a receipt for £300 and a date on it. I mentioned it this morning. He told me the day of the date (which I was impressed with because I had to look at the calendar) but no, he has no recollection of it. Now I think that this is the money in his wallet. I think this is what has paid for petrol, Saturday night and the cooker and what's left is still in his wallet, but he still has no recollection of it and says that this isn't the case. This is unusual for him because he's normally* (*there's that swear word again) so on the ball about his bank and money.

* I stopped writing this entry to make a phonecall to his nurse. She's out on call, and whilst I said it wasn't an emergency the lovely **** (who knows me by voice bless her) has written the message down saying that I want to voice concerns just to ensure that I'm rung in the morning rather than three days time - although this has never happened because they are on the ball with hubby. I'm not sure what the outcome will be, if any, or if I'm "concerned" for no reason, but at least it'll mean I've voiced what I'm thinking - whether it's right or wrong, because my concern is, if he's getting stressed, forgetful, aggitated then his driving may become irratic, and that does concern me. He overtook cars that weren't there on the way to our holiday because he was tired, and I don't want anything to happen to either hubby or other people on the road on the back of this. Although we are coming up to his licence being reviewed and this might go against him, and what happens in this house if it does I don't know, but these concerns are niggling me in the back of my head and if his meds just need reviewed and all is well on the back of it then I'd rather that than him slide back over and not stay where he is now. 


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