He's slightly unsettled.

14/08/2013 12:04

I always know when hubby is a little unsettled or worried. It's comes through in his behaviour (rather than forgetting more), and we've gone back over a little bit in the "you're not doing enough around the house" remarks. They are constant at the moment. He's back to worrying about money again (which is usually my domain) and it filters through with his moods. The girls are off school for another week, and this has interupted his routine, but they go back next week so that should be one less thing for him. He's tired too, flailing about in bed at night time and getting up early regardless of whether he needs to or not. He's staying up later at night time too. Getting back to the cleaning issue and I'm having to put my thinking cap on about it. I have had a couple of thoughts on the matter, and I think the winning one is to use slightly more cleaning product so that the scent is stronger, and maybe even invest in a bottle of fabreze because doing it the old fashioned way in that "elbow grease" is better than using too many products is not working. The jobs are being done, but he's not noticing them because, I'm assuming, there's no "stong, clean smell". 

The day's that he's noticed I've worked my socks off are the days I've done the skirting boards and wood work, and the use of Lemon cleaner has meant there was a scent of Lemons throughout the house. I've always loved fresh scents like Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit etc, and these are the scents that I use when cleaning, but I've kept it to a minimum by using the microfibre cloths so that I don't have to use too much cleaner, but now I'm thinking that maybe a little bit more of the cleaner, or even scent should be used. I'm not wanting to go around all day cleaning to be back in the place where I'm told that I haven't done anything. He's always said "keeping a clean house is easier than tidying a dirtier house" and this is true, it also means that he's not even noticing the upkeep but would rather see me whirling around like Kim and Aggy starting in a dirty house and making it shiny.

I'm going to have to think this one through I think. My other thought was moving things about, but that would shoot me in the foot because he likes everything to be in the same place for consistencey - and I understand that, because if it's where it should be, he should - theoretically, be able to find it. This thought really rules itself out for that reason.

I think I'm going to go with the scented one. If for no other reason, I'll enjoy the scent whilst I'm running around like a headless chicken lol. Fingers crossed it works :o)


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