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18/09/2013 13:33

When I got back from taking Biggey and Middley to cadets last night, I might have walked into a sawdust free kitchen (although how he managed it I don't know), but by crikey I walked into a fettle and a half.

I was informed that I don't do anything. Everybody knows it, they're just too polite to say it to my face, but they all say it behind my back and he was just relaying what is said about me - that was nice of him. Isn't it amazing how putting things away makes the kitchen look tidy? Yes hubby, but it's easy to put things away when there's cupboard space for it. Previously things were on the bench because there was nowhere to put them, and that wasn't my fault (or his for that matter), but I do get cross at being told how little I do and how often I do it.

My favourite telling off of the evening was at not having put the bar stool to the correct height when I got off it. I'd put it too high. He then went around all five of them and adjusted all of them to be of the correct height (which to me suggested the other four were out of sync, but I didn't say anything) and was informed that they are not to me moved.

Today, whilst trying to iron and hoover (I'll leave dusting until later, because it's like trying to shovel snow whilst snowing with the dust from the sawdust at the moment) I'm running about holding boards, measuring, making coffee, making more coffee, making lunch, holding boards again, being told I'm effing stupid for having measured the breakfast bar splash back at the measurement he's got it at when it shouldn't be that size (I would like to point out that this isn't a measurement of mine, but one between him and his friend that I had nothing to do with) and trying really, really hard (and I mean really hard) to keep my mouth shut. Even his mate has told him to calm down with me. I'm cross because the sparky that came out yesterday drew a line on the wallpaper for where the new plug was going. The line is about a foot in length and it's only a double socket, but how I'm going to get it off the wallpaper without ruining the paper is another matter. I wouldn't care, but the socket isn't even flush on the line. I'm cross because on the back of him doing this, I'm going to get the blame if the wallpaper is marked from trying to get the mark off. Why don't people think?

So there we are. Another day in the kitchen. Another sodding day. We still have the splashboard to fix to the wall, the glass splashboard to put ontop of it, the extractor fan to go up, the breakfast bar splashback to go on and the edging to trim - so not that much further forward than I was yesterday, but just that little bit closer to the finish line...

Paint on that happy face ;o) x



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