Lovely day yesterday

21/07/2013 10:35

I didn't write anything yesterday because there was no time to do it. We were up at 4.30am so that we could get Biggey back to camp - YAY (her being allowed to go back to camp, not having to get up at 4.30am). Middley and Littley had been taken to hubby's sister's house, with the dog on Friday night so we could have a morning without having to take them anywhere before we could start - this turned out to be a great idea.

It was a long drive there (3 hours) and we made it in time. We were too early for the Parent's Day bit, so took the car off and wandered about. Hubby drinks coffee like there's no tomorrow so we managed to find a couple of places where we could up the caffeine intake and the hilarity in one was worth the trip on it's own.

Hubby's friend was the driver for the day, and he spotted a coffee shop. I said to him that I didn't think it was up their street and he told me not to be daft. I explained to him that all the posters on the wall outside of the coffee shop implied it was an alternative therapy kind of coffee shop - they didn't believe me. "That's for the building next door" was the reply. Ok then... Walking into the coffee shop there was a sign that said "be nice or leave" - which almost had us do an about turn but they continued in their path. Inside was like an Aladdin's cave of Joss sticks, crystals, stones, and more literature of alternative therapy. Well we'd gone in so we were going to have a cup of coffee, we weren't leaving now we were so close to the Holy Grail.

We sat down and ordered (add two full breakfasts to the coffee order) and we waited. There was a woman in the corner of the room speaking to the lady behind the counter and she was saying "Eeeeeh. Have you seen this? It's guide dogs for those people what have Dementia", to which the lady replied with a "what's that you're saying?". The woman's voice hightened a little and she said "wey, it's about those people what have got Dementia. They're giving them blind dogs now to help them - isn't that a good idea?". Laughing into my coffee all I could imagine were dogs without sight trying to help my husband who has Dementia. I know what she'd meant, but it was so funny the way she'd said it. Hubby even smiled, which is no mean feet at the moment.

He started looking at pamphlets and came across one that said there is no illness. Illness is purely negative thoughts coming out of your body and as soon as you change your negative thoughts into positive ones you will become cured - oh, I forgot to mention that you need to have the necessary massage that goes with it, and not only is it a curing massage it isn't regulated by any medical board, it's one that the massager discovered and is now touting about in the hope that she becomes the new Jesus. Well, hubby and friend were choking on their sausage and tomatoes reading this. Years of pain, hospital appointments, drugs, upset and inability to do things were all their fault. Laughing the pair of them couldn't believe that if they were just positive thinkers that they would be "normal", and it's only £25 for 30 mins or £35 for 60 mins. (Due you only get partialy cured in the 30 mins one?... hmmm). He picked up the pamphlet when we left so that he could show his driver friend's other half when we got home. "Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts".

It was a lovely afternoon seeing Biggey, she is so happy and glad to be back and once we'd seen her at the parent's day bit we came home. The sun was out, there was a lovely breeze and the drive was enjoyable. We went and got Middley and Littley and had a cup of coffee with his sister, and more laughs (he was in a good mood yesterday) and came home, sat down and didn't move until bed time lol.

All three of them are still in bed now, it's just me, a cup of tea, the dog and peace - there's even no tv on... and do you know what? I'm not going to wake anyone :o)


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