Not everyone...

18/07/2013 17:17

I've just been scrolling through facebook. During the winter I "liked" our council's page so that I could be kept upto date with the buses and school closures due to the snow.

I've just been scrolling down through my page and there is a post regarding free school dinners and school clothing forms. One comment beneath it. I wondered what it was so I had a look. "Doesn't pay to go out and work. Think I'll go on the dole". Glad I looked. We have free school meals and the school clothing grant, and it isn't because we want to be on the benefits that we're on, it's because of the benefits we're on that we are entitled to them. Both hubby and I would rather be out working and bringing in money like we used to, but that can't be done now and due to people's ignorance and "one size fits all" assumptions, they assume everyone is the same.

This is just one of the reasons that we keep what's going on to ourselves. We don't want the girls being subjected to bullying at school etc because of what's wrong with hubby. If he had cancer everyone would be "oh.... blah, blah, blah" but because it's an illness you can't see, and it looks like he's "normal" then people think they have the right to jump to conclusions, make assumptions and insult. I can cope with stupidity, but ignorance? Well, it really shows the individual who's spouting their mouth off for what they really are, and I don't have to make any come back for them to look like the prize turkey they are - they do it for themselves, and they do it well.


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