Peace broken.

23/07/2013 23:09

Well that's the two teeth out. The dentist was lovely, she was so petite but by gum she had some strength about her. I think tomorrow he's going to feel like he's been kicked in the face by a Heifer. I think it's starting to feel that way now because the mood is black. Whatever I do it's wrong, and if I don't do anything that's wrong too. I got it in the car because I was just "sat there", what else I'm supposed to do as a passenger I don't know. He complained that I wasn't driving, but refused to let me drive. I'm back to being useless and doing nothing but sleep and sitting around on my backside all day.

At least the teeth are out, and the pain that he's in now is because it's getting better. I'll just have to grin and bare the aggro. He's still not thinking about the dr's appointment tomorrow, but they'd better watch the words they're using because he's in no fettle to watch his words. They're wanting to up his meds but I'm not sure if he's going to let them, and that's a shame because when we went to the last meeting when they'd given us the wrong date he was all ready to have them upped. He's either going to go and charm them or be the obstinate article that can't be soothed or persuaded no matter how hard you try. The last time he was in this fettle he just sat and laughed at everything the dr said to him, to the point I thought I would be coming home on my own.

We'll just have to wait and see. He's gone to bed early tonight and I'm enjoying the peace. How awful is that, but they do say "let sleeping dogs lie" don't they. 


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