Readers of a nervous disposition look away now...

11/05/2013 23:25

Hmmmm. I like to play Scrabble. I play it on facebook and I enjoy it. It keeps my brain ticking over and I love words and beating people (I'm competitve, but is that sooo bad?... Ok, it is. I can't even let the girls win at snap...). Tonight I've played two games. It goes like this...

Game One: I'm winning (of course lol). It's a laddy in his late teens. I don't chat in the chat section, I like to concentrate on the words, and I'm happily playing away until two or three goes from the end of the game when he writes something in the chat section. "Thank you for the game" "Ahhhh" I think "a boy who's been brought up with manners". Then he goes on to say "I w**ked over your profile picture, but don't worry I used a condom"... WTF? Seriously? Why tell me that? I could have lived without knowing this. My next thought was... wow - I'm impressed at his ability to do two things at once, and his mother must be impressed with his cleanliness - you never know, he might have caught something viral (did you see what I did there lol). Needless to say I left the game, and went and changed my profile pic. Now I'm not saying I'm a looker, but I can hold my own for an old bird. Having said that, I do just have my face as my pic because I crop my body out - don't want to frighten anyone with an overweight walrus on their screen, I'd be most offended if Greenpeace turned up at the door thinking I was beached. The pic I was using was taken on a night out and I had my red lipstick on  (Chanel - the days when I could afford such luxuries, I remember them, just). So I thought change the profile pic. So I did. Another cropped pic (you seeing a theme here?) I avoided anything "racey" on the lipstick front and I picked a one where I had a nude lipstick on.

Game Two: A couple of moves into the game... "Hi, I'm a strange old man from Yorkshire", now please, if you're trying to be "friendly" over a game of Scrabble (who'd have thought it?) your opening gambit would not include "strange old man"... Thoughts of someone hanging about a badly lit carpark with a baseball bat, gaffer tape and an open boot springs to mind. I do find it a struggle to keep my mouth shut - it is something I should work on, but tonight I ignored the remark and continued playing, only to be told "I don't need contraception - I've had the snip (I'm not sure it was his decision, it could have been at the dr's insistance so as to prevent furthering his dna) do you have a webcam?". WHY? I just want to play scrabble. I forfeited the game (the swine, it goes against my stats) so I've given up for the night. 

Some people pay a fortune at online dating - all they need to do is go and play Scrabble. I've "pulled" from one end of the age spectrum to the other in the space of an hour and a half, but come on, I play because it's a bit of me time, not because I want my ego boosted by the wierd and wierder.

Anyway. Rant over lol. I'm going to have a cup of tea and go to bed early, what a rockstar lifestyle that I live lol. xx


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