10/09/2013 08:39

Yesterday was an interesting day. He decided he was going to extend a bench and put up a breakfast bar. Thankfully his friend said he'd come over and help or we'd have been using the breakfast bar to conceal my body.

Apart from a few niggles directed at me the day was relatively stress free - I think. I've got the cupboard back into the kitchen that was removed for the cooker, and the bench goes right to the door now rather than it stopping at the pillar thing. It now looks finished and like a new kitchen, without having to buy a new kitchen - phew.

The breakfast bar is excellent because it opens the room up and gives so much more space, and after having to go to the land of shops twice (because he decided he wanted bar stools mid afternoon after I'd just gotten back from getting the things he'd originally wanted), he's a happy bunny. The down side is that I now have ten chairs in the living room. It's a bit eerie having them all in here empty lol. I'm hoping that they get shifted to the garage that I don't want today. Then I'll have my living room back :o).

He is so happy about what they've done, and the interesting thing was when he rang his friend last night to make sure he'd gotten home, he spoke to his other half. He'd said that it had gone swimmingly, and that if he'd had to do it on his own he would still be doing it in a couple of days time. That he's noticed that jobs that used to take him half a day now take two or three.

We were both so knackered from the hard work yesterday (imagine a kitchen refurb and me making a roast Chicken dinner with Apple crumble...) that when we sat down at 9.30pm, neither of us had the energy to get up and go to bed. I relented at 10pm and he wasn't much later, but I slept like the dead until his alarm went off this morning, many, many times.

Today I'm going to empty kitchen cupboards and organise them better. He still has some shelves he's wanting to make for the old boiler cupboard that he says will start today, but I'm not holding him to it. The two other chairs are coming today and I have kick-boxing and cadets tonight. Tuesday's never end in this house.

He's still in bed at the moment, so I'm hoping that he'll get up in a good fettle, because the past few days of grief have had me exhausted.

Oh. Guess what his next project is? I know, I know. I thought it was over too, but apparently he wants to strip the downstairs hall way and paper it, then paint it and continue the painting up the stairs and along the hallway. It's like living in DIY SOS but it never, ever ends.


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