What a lovely night.

21/09/2013 16:00

Last night was just lovely. He decided that he'd had enough of doing the kitchen (wonder why?...) and thought he'd get the camera out to try and catch a sunset. He asked me to find out the time for the sunset at Bamburgh so that he might be able to catch the castle with the sun behind it and off we went.

The girls, the dog, hubby and I arrived at Bamburgh and it was just lovely. There were a handful of people on the beach and hubby tootled off with his camera bag and tripod. To be honest, he didn't tootle but was off like a grey hound. The girls and I walked along the beach with the dog and it was just so lovely. There were no foot prints in the sand and the only people you could see were way off to the left and way off to the right. It was lovely showing the girls places that I spent my youth (I used to go there with a friend when we stayed at her grandparent's caravan) and showing them the beach we usually go to way off in the distance (Berwick way) and telling them that the we were at the place we can see from there when we go to our beach.

The water was still warm(ish) for it being the North Sea and they had smiles and laughed and giggled and we got our feet wet and ran about like people posessed. I commented to them that they seemed to be enjoying themselves and that it's the only time that I see all three of them laugh and smile at the same time, and they said yes. It is the only place where they feel like they can run about and shout and be silly without getting wrong from daddy.

Hubby took some photos, not many because the light was in the wrong place, and we had another wander along the beach with the dog off the lead and he ran wild in huge circles in and out of the water and back and forth and it was just lovely.

When hubby had done what he wanted to do he got us all into the car and took us into Seahouses. We parked up and he sent me to get some tea. We walked past shops that I used to spend my holiday money in and it brought back some lovely memories, and things I could tell the girls about. We went into a fish and chip shop and were really lucky as we were the last ones to get served. We took them back to the car and ate our fish and chips infront of the sea in the almost dark, and we're never allowed to eat in the car. It was like the OXO advert when it's bucketing down with rain, and I can't reiterate enough just how lovely it was. The thing that made me smile was when Littley, in the fish and chip shop, said "Isn't daddy lovely mummy?". I asked why. Her response? "For getting us our tea after the seaside". I just smiled and said it was lovely of daddy - even though the money for tea was coming from my purse I wasn't going to tell her that.

When we got home, the girls headed straight off to bed. Hubby and I sat in the kitchen having a coffee and I said thank you. "What for?" said he. "For tonight. It was lovely". "We only went for a walk on the beach Constance, it wasn't anything major" said he. I just smiled at him. It might not have been anything major to him, but for me and the girls it was. It was a lovely something to store away and remember about daddy. It meant more to us than him, but I can live with that.

The best bit of the night was watching him giggle away when he realised how much of the beach he'd left on the sofa at bedtime. The cheeky bugger that he is.


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