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Kind of a lovely day.

29/08/2013 21:06
Isn't it funny how Dementia works? Today has blown me out of the water. He's been lovely. I've had hubby home today :o). He looked in the cupboards to see what was for lunch and they were empty. What did he do? He took me to the shops. He only wanted dog bags, that's the only thing that was on his...

I've been thinking...

29/08/2013 08:40
It's dangerous when I think, but I have been. I'm needing to get out of the house, I really am, and seeing as I don't work because I'm hubby's carer, I have been pondering on what to do. On the times hubby is not home I've been feeling lost, and this has been bringing me down, so for a while I've...

You might ask...

28/08/2013 21:38
Hmmmm. After feeding the five thousand tonight (three full plates of pasta for him) and he's still hungry. So out comes the Foreman's grill and toasties are made. That's four slices of bread with cheese and sausage ontop of three full plates of pasta - where is he putting it all? What is he doing...


27/08/2013 17:04
I lost the battle with the fridge. I have one in the garage that is a fridge freezer and there is nothing wrong with it, but hubby will not bring it into the house because "how long will it last for?" was the response. So off he's tootled with the old fridge and the "on the way out" microwave to...

Enough already.

27/08/2013 10:20
On Sunday hubby noticed a smell in the kitchen. Now I've always had a problem with smelling things due to a problem with the inside of my nose, so unless it's something completely horrific about 2" from my face I struggle to smell it, but today I could. Hubby was almost wretching, but that's...

Roll on bed time.

25/08/2013 21:48
It's been a long day that started with being woken by the dog from over the road. I say dog, I often think it's a little rat - if you caught it out of the corner of your eye then you'd be tempted to hit it with a shovel. It doesn't even bark, it's a howl. It sounds in pain, and at 8am this morning,...

See saw of a day.

24/08/2013 09:51
It's a hard one today. It was up and it was down. He wanted to buy some tiles to put under the cooker so decided we needed to go to the local hardware place. I spoke to his mum who said that she had seen some in the Sally Army place and this changed hubby's mind. We would go there instead. So off...

Sorting myself out.

23/08/2013 12:24
I've been in a bit of a flumix with myself, and I can't pinpoint why, but lots of little niggles have been getting at me. The main reason is that "other hubby" appears to be putting in more of a show and I don't like him. That sounds awful. I love my husband, but I don't like the "the other" one,...

He's definitely back.

22/08/2013 07:14
You have no idea of the joy I had when I could use my cooker. I skipped around the kitchen causing mini Earth tremours in the Scottish Borders (but don't tell anyone it was me), whilst the super duper polished table and chairs were still out of the way, and I made a roast dinner. It makes me smile...

He's back - again.

21/08/2013 13:12
It seems that "other hubby" is back again. Now I know the kitchen isn't helping and he's worrying himself about the gas pipe and stressing about having a man in to do it (after the shoddy workmen that put the heating in and caused this issue in the first place) but it seems that on the back of this...

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