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Ramblings of a ever so frazzled carer...

25/09/2013 17:10
Hmmm. Having vented my everything in the previous post, and feeling ever so guilty for getting it "out there" I've done an enormous amount of housework. No change there then... I have to admit that I'm feeling an awful lot better for having got my awful ramblings out earlier, even though they make...


25/09/2013 14:24
I hate it when it's miserable outside. It makes the house feel so dark and then that makes me want to go into hibernation mode - if only. I got home from cadets last night to an almighty rant. I was led into a false sense of security because he'd rung his friend and was blethering away to him with...

What is wrong with me?

24/09/2013 11:29
Apologies for my absence. I've been mulling things over in my head. I just don't know where I am at the moment, and it's very unsettling. The kitchen is done - wahoo. Yet I feel lost. He's been lovely over the weekend, and he went out yesterday to his friend's house. He's there again today. This is...

What a lovely night.

21/09/2013 16:00
Last night was just lovely. He decided that he'd had enough of doing the kitchen (wonder why?...) and thought he'd get the camera out to try and catch a sunset. He asked me to find out the time for the sunset at Bamburgh so that he might be able to catch the castle with the sun behind it and off we...

Another day, same kitchen.

19/09/2013 07:53
Yesterday was a stressful day. Infact stressful doesn't even cover it. Hubby and his friend got started on the splash boards after a couple of coffees. Hubby always works his way into doing things, and I think that the coffees are a way of letting him think about what he's about to do without it...

It's constant.

18/09/2013 13:33
When I got back from taking Biggey and Middley to cadets last night, I might have walked into a sawdust free kitchen (although how he managed it I don't know), but by crikey I walked into a fettle and a half. I was informed that I don't do anything. Everybody knows it, they're just too polite to...

I'm lost.

17/09/2013 08:44
I don't know where to start at the minute. The kitchen debarcle continues and I see no end. Yesterday we went out to visit his mum and dad, and we ended up looking at splashbacks and extractor fans. Dear God Almighty. We ended up coming out with a wipe board for the wall (instead of tiling it) and...

Day off? Don't be daft.

15/09/2013 14:54
The final bit of trim went on the boxing in the cupboard last night. He didn't like how I'd organised the shelves, and I was making hard work for myself by having the rest of the cupboards organised how I had and I had no idea how to utilise space, and he'd organise them when he got up this morning...

Watching an Octopus getting into a Snail shell.

14/09/2013 11:08
The shinannaghans that are going on in this house are getting to the point of being a sitcom - if we haven't already reached that point... We started placing the shelves on the brackets at 10am yesterday morning, and at 10.30pm last night I told him he had to put his tools down. Bear in mind that...

Day Five in the Constantly Trying house.

13/09/2013 08:03
Wey man it's day five in the Constantly Trying hoose and things are lookin' unstettled. Hubby is gan t' finish the shelves the day and Constance is gan t' try and keep oot the wey. Lordy, yesterday was a wierd day. I knew mam was coming up yesterday, but he didn't. She made out that she'd just...

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